QuickFix® Outdoor

   QuickFix® Outdoor 230V   LED...

QuickFix® Outdoor 230V LED light chains are ideally suited for the decoration of trees, building facades or entire
building displays.They are designed to fulfil the IP67 rating and are easily connectable, extendable and feature safety twist connector. The LEDs are glued into specifically aligned polycarbonate caps using epoxy resin to ensure a reliable and consistent electrical connection and provide superior protection against moisture.

Robust, weather-proof and easy to assemble. Our rubber light chains form the basis of our product range in the MK Professional Line, Organic Line, Collection Line, Limited Line and the DecoGreen range.

QuickFix™ Outdoor+ compatible – no Power Supply needed – connect- and extendable
– replaceable segments – Protection rating IP67 – without mains plug – inclusive end cap