Strip Lite & Rope Light

   Rope Light Outdoor 230V   This...

Rope Light Outdoor 230V
This flexible PVC tube rope features carefully arranged and glued-in points of LED light, and is available in various colours. All Christmas Rope Lights (Outdoor 230V) are extendable and can be connected together. They have been designed to fulfil the IP44 rating. Simple and safe to install, they are ideally suited for building façades, roofs, contours and creating indirect illumination.

Rope Light Outdoor 36V; Strip Lite Outdoor 36V
The Rope Light and Strip Lite both feature a flexible PVC construction and are carefully arranged with glued-in points of LED light. Both products are available in various colours and can be extended and connected together. Thanks to their extra-low voltage (SELV) they are particularly well suited for decorations and illumination displays within close proximity to members of the public and where low voltage is a legal requirement.

Please note: Never forget to tape over the contact joins and end caps! During the installation process, please check that there are no mechanical stresses or length strains affecting the Rope Light as this could damage the product.

- QuickFix? Outdoor compatible - QuickFix? Low Voltage compatible
? Protection rating IP67
? no Power Supply needed
? Protection rating IP67
? Power supply needed
- connectable and extendable - connectable and extendable
- replaceable segments - replaceable segments