i-String Lite®

 i-String Lite® The evolution of...

i-String Lite®
The evolution of String Lite® light chains

The interconnectable light chains are characterised by intelligent LED light points available in warm-white, brilliant white,
in RGB (red, green, blue) that create colourful light effects. Each LED features a small control circuit board which allows all
light chains to be connected and controlled separately. The individual i-String Lite® chains can be easily connected to create
outstanding animations, special effects or interactive patterns and tickers. There are no separate data lines; communication
is achieved via the common bipolar QuickFix? cable using MK Power Line Communication (MK PLC).

All i-String Lite® LEDs are controlled in real-time ? ideal, for example, to display interactive and targeted advertising
messages. Thanks to their capability to control LEDs individually, i-String Lite® chains are also perfect for enhancing
the appearance of 3D motifs.

The i-String Lite® system builds on the existing QuickFix? Low Voltage+ product family (36V) making it compatible with
other 36V light products. This means maximum flexibility and scalability is guaranteed.

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